Monitor thermal power plant equipment and predict maintenance operations

Robin enables to monitor ENGIE's thermal power plants equipment's health state.

Robin Analytics offers predictive maintenance capabilities that ensure asset availability, using data from Robin.
Robin Analytics then allows to anticipate and predict the increased degradation of equipment due to the stress imposed by the intermittent nature of renewable energies in the energy mix.
It avoids unplanned breakdowns and shutdowns and optimizes the maintenance strategy.

The combination of Robin and Robin Analytics contributes to improving the performance of ENGIE's thermal fleet, by relying on Artificial Intelligence algorithms:

Illustration Robin - Durée de vie des équipements


Estimate critical equipment's remaining lifespan using machine learning algorithms

Illustration Robin - Détection d'anomalies


Detect equipment failures ahead of time and prevent cascading damage

Illustration Robin - Monitoring


Follow equipment's aging and degradation by analyzing the phenomena that affect their durability

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They succeed with us:

Key figures

Illustration Robin - Capteurs centrale
sensors per power plant
Illustration Robin - GW connectés
GW connected in 2021
Illustration Robin - equipement
assets in 2024

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