About us


Our ambition: to be an accelerator of ENGIE’s leading role in the energy transition

At ENGIE Digital, we believe digital technologies have a differentiating power for competitiveness and growth. That is why we make use of the best digital technologies to create and deploy innovative and powerful software solutions.

Our mission: leverage digital to reach a carbon-neutral economy for all key energy transition stakeholders – cities, institutions, companies and individuals. Our solutions are deployed on a large scale to reach maximum impact for our clients and tomorrow’s world.

ENGIE Digital paves the way to energy transition with solutions beneficial to our clients and our planet.

Our methods and tools, pillars of our performance

Les méthodes et outils utilisés pour développer les softwares ENGIE Digital

Our impact

Thanks to our SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, ENGIE entities can enhance their customer offers and improve their operational efficiency.

Our solutions help local communities (Livin’, Nemo), B2B customers (Agathe, Smart Institutions, Smart O&M) and individuals (eCare) to accelerate their carbon neutral transition. They optimize the production of renewable (Darwin) and thermal (BeeWe, Mobile Operator, Robin - Robin Analytics) electricity.

Our global presence

Paris, Lyon






Notre force : nos experts ENGIE Digital

Our strength lies in our experts

Design, data, architecture, cybersecurity, DevSecOps... ENGIE Digital is structured into product teams, which rely on cross-functional expert teams.

The strength of our community of experts? A common desire to continuously train in new technologies and a horizontal approach allowing each employee to benefit from their peers’ experience.

Notre ambition : décarboner et digitaliser

What brings us together: decarbonize and digitize

Our desire to make a carbon-free transition possible thanks to digital solutions.

Our expertise in tech standards, which allows us to mobilize ever more innovative technologies.

Affiliations to ENGIE, the world leader in energy transition.

Notre particularité : notre culture d'entreprise

What makes us unique: our corporate culture

We are driven by the same desire to accomplish our mission, which we know is demanding and ambitious: to innovate in favor of a carbon-neutral economy.

We are not afraid of taking risks.
We can’t afford to wait until tomorrow.
We need to act now!  

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